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Asset Recovery

Our Asset Recovery Services are the most simple, reliable & cost-effective solutions

Need to dispose of obsolete electronics? Concerned about the risks and expense that can occur due to data protection issues and environmental legislation?

Asset Recovery Services
Metro PC Works’ Asset Recovery Services takes your surplus technology (e-waste) and extracts any possible value, destroys data on storage devices and safely recycles everything that remains. Metro PC Works possesses the resources to meet all your e-waste needs.

Metro PC Works ARS (Asset Recovery Services) is a comprehensive program where we take your surplus technology; extract any possible value, responsibly eradicate data on the storage and then environmentally recycle everything that remains. Metro PC Works is prepared to accept a wide array of used equipment including PCs, notebook, monitors, telephony, networking and enterprise level equipment.


Our Services Provide:

  • The highest return value on your old equipment
  • Protection of your personal data
  • Extensive report and tracking
  • True environmental, responsible recycling
  • Commitment to a zero landfill rate

eWaste we recycle:

  • PCs
  • Monitors
  • Notebooks
  • Telephony
  • Networking Equipment
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Maximize your profits & ensure data is permanently removed and erased

Turn your e-waste into $$$
Maximize the value that can be recovered from your e-waste. As one of the most active buyers and sellers on the secondary market, and one of the largest marketers of refurbished product, Metro PC Works will ensure you receive fair market price.

Rely on sophisticated data destruction
Even when hard drives become non-operational, they still retain information that can potentially be accessed. Metro PC Works employs today’s leading methods for erasing and sanitizing hard drives to ensure that all data is permanently removed and completely unrecoverable.

Know it’s disposed of properly
Computer equipment contains high levels of hazardous chemicals. Companies that fail to dispose of their equipment properly face heavy fines. Metro PC Works ensures this doesn’t happen by following all local, state, provincial and federal regulations.

Professional Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance protects your company from any breach of information that may occur during the process of ARS or DOD services. Metro PC Works has reviewed a variety of coverage options and as a result has acquired the best policy for our customers.

We do dispositions right and in compliance, in a manner that provides the maximum financial benefit to you.

Just as important, we provide a total solution – from packing and shipping to recycling and disposal – and complete accountability.