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Our Pre-Owned Refurbished Desktop Computers

We will only ship used PCs that are Tier 1 Grade A!

Grade ”A” means the refurbished laptop is in perfect working order and in like new physical condition.

Refurbished Desktops

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Many of our visitors find us searching for “Cheap Computers” and “Cheap Desktop Computers”. We primarily sell business-class desktops from the leading manufacturers to provide the best performance and economical value to our customers.

Cheap =: 1. Affordable/Economical OR 2. Junk/Of Poor Quality.  We focus only on excellent quality, well-preforming refurbished laptops that are affordable/economical.

If it is of poor quality...we will not waste your time or ours...it will get stripped down and recycled.

While we sell to “Consumers” we shy away from consumer-grade products as many can be of lesser-quality. Our #1 goal is your complete satisfaction.




Other visitors find us searching for “Used Computers” and “Used Desktop Computers”.

We often get asked, “How used are they?” That is a great question. The correct answer is, “It depends o what you buy”. Our off-lease returns are “used” and we don’t know the extent, what we use is the standard industry grading system based on the wear of the computer.

Some “Used Computers” and “Used Desktop Computers” are factory refurbished, which means there was a defect. The computer was returned and the manufacturer repaired the computer to an “as new” condition.

We also have available “Open-Box Laptop Returns”. Those are essentially computers that were bought, opened and returned 100% complete. Reasons for the return are unknown…could have been wrong color, wrong size or simply buyers remorse. These in all practical sense are “New Computers”, but can’t be put back on the shelf and sold as new .